Tunde Ajaba-Ogundipe

GM of African Music Strategy & Culture, Sony

Tunde Ajaba-Ogundipe


Tunde Ajaba-Ogundipe is a Nigerian-American music/tech executive, corporate advisor & entrepreneur. For 15+ years, Tunde has held various executive and advisory roles at companies which include: Spotify, Apple, Sony, WME/IMG (Endeavor), McCann, WMG, and UMG.

Tunde currently serves as Head/GM of African Music Strategy & Culture at Sony.  In his prior role, Tunde represented Spotify’s Global Cultures division as Global Lead of African Music & Culture and created Spotify’s Afro Hub, a portal for African music genres, podcasts and original content.

In all roles, Tunde focuses on educating and generating positive sentiment about Africa bridging the gap between African diasporas.