Sydney Parker

Facebook, Account Manager


It is my career and life purpose to empower every person to perform in color. I have been a performer since the age of five when I first fell in love with the art of dance. Throughout my life dance has empowered me to express myself to the world, to push myself physically, and to work with others toward a common goal. I carry those same lessons into my life as an advertising professional, an entrepreneur, and most importantly a storyteller.

To be at the top of your game as a performer, you work hard to play hard. Every day I wake up at 7 a.m., get dressed for the day, and make a pot of tea. From the moment my laptop opens I am working non-stop on Aurora Tights, my athletic apparel and hosiery startup that builds gear for all shades and sizes, and on my client work at Facebook’s Global Business Group.

This tenacity, combined with my desire for transformative change, has enabled me to perform and produce great impact at Facebook and Aurora Tights. While supporting 35 Fortune 100 business clientele, I have also secured $75,000 in Facebook-funded ad credit for Black-owned businesses. During the past three years of business, Aurora Tights has raised over $160,000 in startup funding and $15,000 in donations for our non-profit partners. Performing to the best of my ability has enabled others to perform at the top of their game too, to perform in color.