Aubrie Lee is an artist with an engineering degree from Stanford University. In her activism at Stanford and now at Google, she has created spaces for Disability communities and has consistently encouraged organizations to embrace Disability inclusion. Aubrie’s perspectives are shaped by her experiences as a multiply disabled woman of color. She dreams of—and fights for—a world in which Disabled people are not just accepted, and not just included, but welcomed. She is responsible for creating spaces for Disabled Googlers and building advocacy, leadership and community across the tech industry, including through a cross-company disability ERG group that includes Facebook, Apple and others. She invites senior executives to honor “Nothing About Us Without Us” (and her community’s expansion: “Nothing Without Us At All”). She formalized and now chairs the Disabled Leaders Advisory Board to continue working with Google leadership on the issues impacting the larger community.

Two of her artistic passions are 3D modeling and fashion modeling. You can follow her on Instagram (@aubrieality) and Twitter (@Aubrie_Lee), and you can learn more about her at