Kofi Roberts

Publicis NY, Associate Copywriter


My copywriting origin story.

It’s mid June and eleventh grade just ended. I’m out with friends walking to nowhere when we decided to stop in a restaurant we had never been to before. We sit down, I scan the menu, and order what I think sounds good. We’re all just chatting and having a good time when, like magic, our food arrives. Beautiful wisps of smoke and a tantalizing aroma exude from the plates, I’m ecstatic. I grab my silverware and dig in but, to my dismay the food just wasn’t seasoned. Now by no means was this meal awful, it was just…okay.

As members of a society it’s our civic duty to leave reviews. If it sounds mundane, it’s because it is. Spending time with friends should be easy and carefree. And, not unlike spilling ketchup on a white shirt, a bad experience can really dampen the mood. It was at that moment, when my fork brought that morsel of unseasoned food to my mouth, I knew Yelp needed a hero. Someone who would review anything, no matter how trivial; like which McDonalds gives you extra sauces or which bottomless brunch actually understands a mimosa needs a little champagne.

So, when I found out about this profession called copywriting, where every detail matters, I was immediately attracted like pineapples to a pizza. And as the 2021 4A’s Foundation MAIP Fellow of the Year, I can’t wait to see where Yelp takes me next. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for this Yelper’s reviews near you.