Deborah Renteria

Deborah Renteria

Manager, Multicultural Marketing



Deborah Renteria is a marketing professional and culture enthusiast on the Multicultural Marketing team at HBO. She makes her way from LA after spending some time as a Creative Strategist at Facebook, where she worked with entertainment giants to innovate solutions to better connect with audiences on the platforms. In her time at HBO she’s focused on creating experiences to organically engage diverse audiences and elevate top priority programming.

Deborah has cultivated a strong passion for diverse stories and empowering storytellers of color. She hopes to help open doors for more representation through her work. Believing in the power of visibility, she has co-created a platform for Latinx creatives to connect via La Nueva Link. A proud alumna of the University of California at Berkeley, where she earned her degree in Consumer Culture and Media as the first in her family to attend college, she’s here to break down barriers and move la cultura forward.