Clarice Metzger

Creative Theory Agency, Creative Strategist


Clarice Metzger is a Sierra Leonean-American storyteller and strategist passionate about inclusivity, authentic representation, and community. By day, Clarice is a creative strategist at a culture-focused marketing agency, Creative Theory Agency. By night, she is the founder of Kno. Media, a creative platform telling the stories of marginalized minority change-makers with a focus on identity.

A proud graduate of the illustrious Howard University, Clarice got her start in the world of marketing post-graduation and has spent her career conceptualizing and building human-centric, emotionally resonant, story-driven campaigns for brands including Salesforce, Bose, and Dropbox. Through her work with Kno., she has shared countless stories, hosted impactful events, and partnered with inspirational brands such as Ethel’s Club, BABE, and La Colombe.

Still at the inception of her career, Clarice hopes her passion for building community and amplifying misrepresented voices can drive multicultural conversation and create lasting cultural change. In her free time, Clarice enjoys hanging out on a variety of rooftops, trying new beverages (hot, cold, caffeinated, alcoholic, etc.), reading afro-futurism books, and posting frequently on Instagram stories @its_clarice.