ADCOLOR Everywhere

Day 2 Mainstage

October 6, 2021

Chapter 1

Conference Kick Off

With Antonio and Tiffany R. Warren. 

Chapter 2

Identity-Based Trauma and Why Pulling Up Starts With You

Identity-Based Trauma (IBT) is what happens when we try to rip up the labels that society has given us and write our own authentic narrative. It’s why we wear masks. It’s why we don’t know who we are. It’s why we come to therapy for depression and anxiety. That depression and anxiety may really be a symptom of IBT, and we’re handling it all wrong. Before we PULL UP for others, we need to LEVEL UP against IBT.

Keynote Speaker

  • Desyree Dixon, LCSW-C, Doctoral Candidate, USC Rossier School of Education, Organizational Change and Leadership

Chapter 3

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Mental Health & Media: Turning Awareness into Action

Media, creative and community leaders come together to discuss how last year’s events, coupled with a new generation attuned to neurodiversity, have culminated with a watershed moment for the media & advertising industries to work together to turn awareness into action and catalyze change—both their own people and the millions they reach through content and creative campaigns.



  • Sandy Gould, VP, Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion and Learning & Development at Yahoo
  • Aaron Harvey, Co-Founder at Made of Millions & Ready Set Rocket
  • Lorenzo Lewis, Founder at The Confess Project
  • Erika Soto-Lamb, Vice President at MTV Entertainment Group/ViacomCBS

Chapter 4

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Ads for All: What's Behind the Represention Gap

Advertising has the power to shape our world and how we see ourselves and each other. When done well, it reflects our innermost desires, feeds our greatest aspirations, and fuels our feelings of hope and belonging. But for the sense of belonging was reserved for a very narrow audience. Facebook and Deloitte captured the thoughts fears and ideas of advertising professionals of all backgrounds to answer the question; What is holding the industry back? What they found might surprise you, anger you, or even make you rethink your team.


  • Joyce Chen, Global Head of Production for Creative Experiences at Facebook


Chapter 5

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Racism & Ableism: Intersections of Accessibility

From accessibility by design to creating innovative products, accessibility is not just compliance. Its respect for and acknowledgment of the disability community. Join us for a provocative dialogue that explores the myriad intersections of identity for those living with disabilities.


  • Von Harris, Agency Operations Manager at TBWA/ Chiat/Day New York


  • Anna Johannes, Paralympian and Account Supervisor, Marketing at Porter Novelli Boston
  • Claudia Gordon, Senior Accessibility Strategy Partner at T-Mobile
  • Marianne Waite, Director of Inclusive Design at Interbrand
  • Sam Latif, Company Accessibility Leader at Procter & Gamble

Chapter 6

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Google | YouTube

Balancing the Equation: How Education Equals Opportunity

Discover the ways in which educators and business leaders (and Pharrell) are using tech & education to create tools and opportunities for historically excluded communities by reframing education models and reimagining systems to open doors across industries.


  • Tia McLaurin, Community Engagement – National Partnerships, Grow with Google at Google


  • Pharrell Williams, Grammy Award-Winning Musician, Producer, Philanthropist, Founder of YELLOW
  • Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, Associate Professor of Literacy, Language, and Culture at the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Shantanu Sinha, Senior Director, Product Management, Google for Education at Google

Chapter 7

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Identity: It's a Funny Thing

Pull up for a candid (and comedic) chat with two leaders from very different industries about the twists and turns of personal and professional identity through the last tumultuous 18 months.


  • Kira Córdoba-Brown, Head of Talent and Diversity for the Institutional Clients Group (ICG) at Citi


Chapter 8

ADCOLOR State of the Workplace Study: Retention Outlook

The good news: historically excluded employees are finding their way into advertising and its related industries. The bad news: many are not staying.

During this discussion, we’ll hear about first-hand experiences and insights that can help create and sustain a more stable, satisfied, and diverse workforce.



Chapter 9

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Equity Every Day: Creating the New Future

What does it take to realize true equity and inclusion in our workplaces and work cultures? Join Director Ty Heath of LinkedIn’s B2B Institute as she welcomes Vice President of Direct-to-Consumer Jackson Jeyanayagam of The Clorox Company and Associate Professor Jamillah Bowman Williams of Georgetown University Law Center to discuss what it takes to create Equity Every Day.

We want to change the rules of the game, which means everyone needs to pull up. It’s not enough to have conviction, as studies are showing. So we’ll be talking about how everyone can make big strides to transform their culture, the world beyond, and the people they partner with.


  • Ty Heath, Director of Market Engagement for the B2B Institute at LinkedIn


  • Jamilah Bowman Williams, Diversity Researcher & Associate Professor at Georgetown University Law Center
  • Jackson Jeyanayagam, Vice President and General Manager of the Direct-to-Consumer Businesses at The Clorox Company

Chapter 10

Women of Color in the Workplace

Listen in as these powerful women discuss the key trends revealed by the Lean In 2021 Women in the Workplace report and the integral role women of color play in creating a more inclusive and equitable organizational culture.

Fireside Chat

  • Archana Gilravi, VP Partnerships at Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg Foundation
  • Tiffany R. Warren, President & Founder at ADCOLOR and EVP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Sony Music Group
  • Dr. Cindy Pace, Vice President, Global Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at MetLife.

Chapter 11

ADCOLOR | Adweek Beacon Fireside Chat

  • Daniel Dae Kim
  • Soon Mee Kim